20 Inch Large Polyester Bike Front Basket Durable
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When you stop stepping on the pedals, neither the chain nor the jacket rotates, but the rear wheel still drives the core and the jack to rotate forward under the action of inertia. At this time, the inner teeth of the flywheel slide relative to each other, thereby compressing the core to the core. In the slot of the child, Qianjin compresses the spring again. When the top of the jack tooth slides to the top of the inner tooth of the flywheel, the jack spring is compressed the most, and then slides a little forward, and the jack spring is bounced to the tooth root, making a "click" sound. The core rotates faster, and the jins quickly slide on the inner teeth of each flywheel, making a "click" sound. When the pedal is stepped in the opposite direction, the jacket rotates in the opposite direction, which will accelerate the sliding of the jins and make the "click" sound more rapid. Multi-stage flywheel is an important component in bicycle transmission.Bicycle accessories are a general term for all parts and accessories of the bicycle body. According to the large structural frame of the body, it can be divided into several categories: frame, tire, pedal parts, front fork assembly, chain, flywheel and so on.
Among the 25 accessories such as the frame, tires, pedals, brakes, chains, etc. of the bicycle, the basic components are indispensable. Among them, the frame is the skeleton of the bicycle, and it bears the most weight of people and goods. According to the working characteristics of each accessory, it can be roughly divided into guiding system, driving system and braking system.
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  • Origin:CN(Origin)

  • Function:ForBike

  • Color:black

  • Size:19x14x12cm

  • Packagesize:24x20x5cm

  • PackageIncluded:1xBikeBicycleFrontBasket

  • 20Inch:Polyester

  • BikeBicycle:FrontBasket

  • TubeHandlebarBag:Easilytostorage

  • Withzipperdesign:convenientandclean




  • Model: DFSSDW2
  • Production Country: China
  • Size (L x W x H cm): 12 x 13 x 15
  • Weight (kg): 0.52
  • Color: 0112diandongzixingchepeijian16942
  • Main Material: Synthetic

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